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Born in London in 1980, Irish-Italian artist David Uda (Duda) now lives and works between Dublin and New York. With a background in fashion and a love for the aesthetics of shape and form, Duda’s pieces are colorful and naturally rendered. Many of Duda’s paintings can be characterized by his appreciation for beauty,combined with his own take on modern day life & pop culture.

Duda uses mixed media throughout his work and is known for exploring a wide variety of techniques, ranging from original stencil compositions to glasswork.
While Duda only started painting seriously in 2009, it hasn’t stopped him from showing and selling his work in major cities all over the world, namely London,
Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm, Bristol, South Korea, Chicago, Miami and New York. In 2013, Duda was selected by The Jack
& Jill Children’s Foundation to be amongst Ireland’s top 30 artists as part of The Big Egg Hunt Event. Sponsored by Brown Thomas, Duda’s
work went on to raise €10,000 at live auction for the children’s charity.

Following this success, Duda spent several months in New York where he received multiple requests for commissions by several
well-renowned establishments in the City’s Financial District.

More recently Duda has held three solo shows between Dublin and New York, as well as various group shows all over the world. Speaking
at the opening of Duda’s last solo show, ‘Breakfast Epiphanies’, Sol Art Director Martin Davis, said; “Duda is going from strength to strength.
Whether it’s in the prestigious gallery in the new World Trade Centre in New York or at an international art fair in Chicago or Hong Kong,
people recognize the original response to life in Duda’s work, and go away feeling animated and energized by his vibrant creations."

He is also a Founding Member of SCOOP.