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Katarzyna Gajewska

Listed in The Sixth Edition of 'ADAMS, A Buyers Guide to Irish Art' , Katarzyna Gajewska has been chosen for a special mention as an "artist to look out for".

Katarzyna is a painter and mixed media artist. Her painting process is somewhere between dream and documentation. Her art is realistic yet abstract. Katarzyna seeks to record the human simplicity and complexity within these realms. Above all Katarzyna tries to capture fleeting emotions, naked and defenceless, then with understanding and patience she starts to build portraits.

Her portraits are like multilayer cocoons, profoundly intimate, sexual, innocent, psychological typography; still glances whose expression is uncovered in the layers of paint. Artistic expression to Katarzyna Gajewska is a language, pulsing and inspiring, waiting to transform the surface in the same manner as a piece of literature or poetry. Katarzyna's portraits are her form of communication. For her no subject is sacred.

Provocative feelings, persuasion, the human impulse to beautify all compel Gajewska's art.

Katarzyna doesn't use any tools except her hands, this allows her to freely express herself. She would say that her art is a firsthand emotion allowing her to become even more intimate with her subject. Katarzyna loves using extreme zoom in, in life and in her paintings. This intensity of living and experiencing life drive her to constantly explore and create. Her inspiration comes from the deep feelings hidden below the surface of appearance. Beneath the mask we wear. One might say it is a permanent record of fleeting sensations. Katarzyna Gajewska desires to capture and expose those feelings be they of desire, fear, lust, creativity, destruction, to bring them to the fore to be recognised, examined, challenged. Graduating as Student of the Year from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, Katarzyna received the Ministry of Culture Scholarship and she has completed residencies in Cill Rialaig Co Kerry. Her work is widely collected and is included in Collections of Embassies, Private Corporations and Public and Private Collections Worldwide.