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Lili Heller

Born in 1981 in France, Lili Heller is a professional Visual Artist based in Dublin. She has a studio at Richmond Road Studios. She also has over fifteen years experience as an Art teacher for children, teenagers and adults.

She obtained her Visual Arts Masters in 2004 in the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille (France). In 2005, she then received a Masters of Theoretical Art Studies from the Université de Provence in France.

Since 2002 she has had many solo exhibitions in France and Germany and has participated in numerous group shows in France, Canada, Slovenia, Ireland and China. Her artistic work is in numerous public and private collections in France, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, Canada, Brazil, China, Thailand.

Lili ran BLOCK T’s Education Department until 2014 and create SKILLSETS until 2014. She was also a co-initiator of the International Exchange Programmes and one of the main initiators of the LINK Culturefest, the 2012 BLOCK T arts and culture festival in Smithfield.

She has taught in Trinity Arts Workshop and Youthreach.

Lili is a highly experienced, devoted and passionate art teacher.