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Mary de Blacam

"My work tends to feature bold colours that provide an immediate impact, while seeming to resonate within the context of the cool Irish climate. I suppose my style could be described as semi-abstract. I like to challenge the viewer, and my work has been described by some critics as broadly expressionist in nature. I like to work quickly in acrylics, using coarse brushwork, executed in a gestural style, often on a compact scale, but I am also happy to take on the challenge of larger formats. Being an impulsive person in many ways I go where my imagination takes me, being subject to few rules and frequent changes of mind, which works well for me!”

Mary de Blacam has exhibited her work in Dublin’s Leinster Gallery, Origin Gallery, Gormley’s Fine Art, Locks Restaurant and Steambox Studios.

Professional memberships VAI and FNCI