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Peter McMahon aka Peter PureArt

Sponsored by: Knockanstockan Independant Music & Arts Festival www.knockanstockan.ie
Peter PureArt: @pure.arr.peter

Peter is a new Irish artist from Dublin, Ireland, living in Joao Pessoa, Brazil the last two years:

"I found my new love for paint pouring with acrylic paint here in Brazil over the last year. I am a stay at home dad looking after my daughter. I discovered paint pouring while playing with my daughter one day and haven't looked back since.

I feel alive when I am paint pouring. I love how you have little control over how the paint will form but can still manipulate it and create art.
It's an expensive hobby but one I feel is worth it. I'm just gonna keep going and see what happens.

Honoured to have my large canvas up for auction in aid of the SCOOP foundation to build a maternity ward in Syria.

One of the reasons I chose this piece for the auction is because it reminds me of all the DC comics super heroes and I feel nurses and doctors helping deliver babies are the real super heroes. Abstract art is subjective so maybe someone else will see something completely different when they look at it, that's the magic of it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."