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Tom Byrne

I am a contemporary artist

I studied originally in the Bauhaus tradition which was founded in Germany. I then studied under the Irish abstract expressionists, their school of philosophy. I was selected to participate with the independent artists group Michael Kane etc of which I exhibited extensively being described by the Irish times as powerful in college I was influenced by the likes of Harry Clarke Jack Yeats, Kandinsky, Rothko, and other international Artists I have been described by international art critics as outstanding.

I began an abstract form of painting myself when I split from these old artistic movements which I called Fluidism following on from all the other isms I thought this one really suited my technique and philosophy check out my large abstracts. I eventually moved back to Berlin the home of Bauhaus and studied art there I worked with the underground Punk Artgroup there Archaos Designing large scale sculptures with them. Nowadays I would think of myself as simply a contemporary artist. I have been described as socio political and also as an engaged artist politically and culturally. I have designed artwork for punk fashion and artwork for the music industry in the eighties in ireland under my own now defunct label "Igor ".

My work is represented in a secondary schoolbook and other books such as anglo irish musicians in England. I appeared on request on artlives tv program on Irish artists with James Hanley and Robert Ballagh and other programs both on tv and radio. I am collected by Trinity College, Patrick Kavanagh Museum and other institutions both home and abroad plus private collections from Ulick O Connor to Bob Geldof, I have had exhibitions in London,Berlin, New York, Paris, Bejiing, Manchester, I try to keep my work up to date and modern with plenty of experimentation, I try not to become stagnant and just repeat the same thing over and over its too one dimensional for me. I am exited about the 21st century and what I can contribute to the Irish art scene.