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William Grace

William Grace was born in Kilkenny City in 1964. After completing his studies in WIT he worked as a graphic designer in Aston Colour Press, Dublin for a number of years. He took up painting professionally in the early 1990s when he returned to Kilkenny.

His first solo exhibition of landscapes and portraits in watercolours was in Kilkenny Arts Festival in 1991. In the mid-1990s William began
working in oils and this medium has become his medium of choice. Early on in his career Carlow Eigse (1996) invited William to exhibit alongside Michael Warren and David Tress and showcased him as their Emerging Artist. Using his own unique style and techniques William has established a
solid reputation as a very talented artist.

William’s main subject matter is the urban and rural environment. He is interested in the contrast between the old and the new, the drama of light and
tone and the sense of changing environments. His paintings catch a moment in time through his unique approach to the subject matter.

William is concerned to make his paintings work at several different levels. At one level there is an apparently realistic depiction of particular places but at
another level they are also very carefully composed and are intended to work as abstract compositions and as such they capture the artist’s personal reaction to the environment around him.

William says it’s the application of paint that excites him, wrestling with the paint and the flat surface of the board. He enjoys a vibrant rich palette which is very evident in his work. All those familiar with his work agree that William’s glorious sense of colour is what makes his paintings
immediately recognisable. William works in oils on board and is known for his landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and portraits.

He is available for commissions.