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The SCOOP Foundation Donor’s Charter

  1. While seeking donations from the public, SCOOP at all times aims to comply with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public.
  2. In SCOOP we make a pledge to always treat our beneficiaries, donors and prospective donors in an honest, respectful and dignified manner.
  3. Our team is experienced, skillful, proficient and exercises prudent judgment in managing of the organisation.
  4. We vouch for our fundraisers who are trustworthy and act with integrity at all times.
  5. In SCOOP we promise always to be open and clear about the purpose of any fundraising actions.
  6. We strongly believe in transparency. Our Annual Reports are published each year on our website and are available to our donors and prospective donors.
  7. We are committed to complying with any legal obligations, including charity, equality and data protection law.
  8. We assure that any queries in respect of how SCOOP operates will be answered in a timely manner by the charity’s management team.