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Yemenade (St. Patrick’s Weekend in Galway)

Line up:

Calvin James (Syrias Vibes)
Doug Cooney (Orbis Records/RLSD)
Barry Greaves (RLSD)
Padraig Disconaut
Ger Z
Mac (Gigantic)
Lolz (Gash Collective)
Paddy & Mossy (Move)
Graham Doherty (Boujee)
Ciara Harrington
Graham Dolan

Yemenade is a campaign set up by The SCOOP Foundation in 2017 in response to the humanitarian crisis in the country. SCOOP have partnered up with Global Response Management, a small yet very effective American NGO who carry the same ethos as SCOOP, supporting and pairing with local grassroots organizations on the ground.

Working in Al Hudayah, GRM are taking a multifaceted approach in the region tackling severe and acute malnutrition cases, establishing a fixed outpatient clinic, engaging in training local doctors and nurses in tactical care and advanced trauma and establishing a community education centre focusing on cholera and malaria awareness.

In the city there are 20,000 people with no access to aid with a further 80,000 in the surrounding area suffering the same dilemma.

Through a series of fundraisers in Ireland and Europe, Yemenade will provide a platform to get assistance to those that need it the most in possibly the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century.

Nialler9 Syrias Vibes

Friday 15th March 2019

Electric Garden, Galway