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We support the hardest working school in Varanasi - The Jeevan School – a shining light in a city full of suffering and inequality.

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Although one of the most visited cities in India by domestic and foreign tourists, Varanasi is also home to over 250,000 people living in over 130 slums / shanty villages. Our partner organisation there has turned around 100s upon 100s of lives, helping children from begging families receive a caring home and an all-round education.

9 years on, the eldest kids are now graduating from High School, most them with the highest marks. The work Kati, Sven, Jess & Dan do at The Jeevan School is beyond remarkable.
On top of this they have:

• Offered a safe, loving home to over 250 of the worse affected children
• Educated a further 1000+ children who live in the nearby slums
• Offered 3 meals a day to the children
• Saved numerous girls from abusive, arranged marriages
• Helped children who have been addicted to drugs since infancy

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