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SCOOP and Syria Vibes Volunteer Policy

Introduction and Volunteer Mission Statement

Our mission is to use creative fundraising to help the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We use art, music and social events to raise funds for essential frontline projects around the world. Whether it’s supporting doctors in war zones, street children in need of an education, homelessness on our doorstep, or psychiatric programs for displaced persons, we believe in the power of local, positive fundraising to make a real difference.


Volunteer Roles

Volunteer roles with SCOOP and Syrias Vibes are varied. Throughout your placement with SCOOP, and/or Syrias Vibes, you will be mentored by an appropriate supervisor dependent on the type of volunteer work you are doing. For example this could involve your induction being carried out by Andrew Sweeney, SCOOP Founder, and your reporting to them for direction as part of events. SCOOP and Syrias Vibes volunteers now primarily support events which promote the work being done by SCOOP and Syria vibes to raise awareness and funding for their projects. As part of fundraising we will never ask you to ‘shake buckets’ as this is not our style of fundraising. Please let us know if you have been instructed to do so.

Roles and duties may include but are not limited to:

  1. Event management
    1. Box office management,
    2. Selling raffle tickets
    3. Selling merchandise
    4. Liaising with Acts
    5. Serving food and drinks at events
    6. Clean up duties
    7. Signing up donors (SCOOP Crew Members Scheme)
  2. Design Support
    1. Website Design
    2. Website Development
    3. Graphic design e.g. logo
    4. Design of promotional materials
  3. Grant applications
    1. Registering SCOOP for Grants
    2. Writing Grant Applications
  4. Policy Support
    1. Aid with the creation of policies to support the running of SCOOP
  5. Accounts Support
    1. General accounting support
  6. IT support
    1. For example solving email and SSL Cert problems


Confidentiality and Data Protection

Information shared within SCOOP, Syrias Vibes, and other partnering organisations is confidential.

  • Volunteers must respect the importance of confidentiality and refrain from discussing confidential, personal and official issues outside of these groups.
  • Policy documents, field reports, notes etc., relevant to SCOOP and authored by SCOOP members are the property of SCOOP and cannot be shared outside of SCOOP or the partner organisations without the consent of one of the SCOOP development team, the volunteer coordinator or the CEO.
  • Photographic images of pupils, teachers, other people e.g. volunteers, local people etc., are the property of the people represented in said images. Informed consent must be obtained for use of these images e.g. through social media, as part of research. In no instance can these images be used in a commercial capacity but must only be used for personal use, research or development work.


Volunteer Support

  • SCOOP aim to fully support and supervise Officers by retaining a close relationship throughout their placement.
  • Induction meetings are provided to fully prepare you and outline the work involved for your particular position.
  • Relevant contact details will be given to each Officer prior to departure.


Personal Safety

SCOOP takes the issue of health and safety very seriously and strives to ensure that all volunteers return in as good health upon returning as when departing for the host country. At all times you must attend to your own safety and well-being, both physical and mental. This is our chief concern.

  • Make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover you for all eventualities.
  • Do not feel that you must do something if it might jeopardise your safety and well-being. If others are doing something that could be considered unsafe, do not do so, and report it to one the relevant parties i.e. team leader / SCOOP or Jeevan support, so that the behaviour can be corrected.
  • Always be aware that your SCOOP supervisors are available for support in your work and are concerned with your well-being.


Conflict/Complaint Procedure(s)

SCOOP understand that complaints may be made by or about volunteers.

  • Should any serious issues arise within your working environment you should contact your supervisors immediately. The issue at hand will be discussed and dealt with accordingly.
  • If SCOOP or host organisation/school receive a complaint about you. This will be brought to your immediate attention and dealt with accordingly.
  • If the complaint is considered serious it will be brought to the CEO’s attention for further investigation, your position may be terminated without notice depending on the circumstances. A period of grace will be granted then to allow time for the volunteer to make the necessary arrangements.


Procedure(s) for ending involvement

Should you wish to cease your role before the agreed date you must give SCOOP and host (where appropriate; the latter does not apply for volunteers in Ireland) sufficient notice for dealing with the situation and finding a replacement.

  • If possible at the end of your placement it is your duty to induct and brief the next volunteer/officer taking over.
  • If available you will be required to attend a debriefing with your supervisors on returning home (if in Ireland) after your placement.
  • You will be encouraged to write about your experience and work for the SCOOP Blog. You should of course share your own personal blog with the SCOOP Community.


Development and Advocacy Work Ethical Guidelines

SCOOP strives to carry out its development and advocacy work in a way that is ethical and does no harm. Development work is fraught with many potential ethical pitfalls especially where it concerns minors, economically disadvantaged persons/communities, gender inequality etc. Below are some of our guiding principles, see SCOOP Education, Child Protection, and Communications Policies for more specific detail.

  • Our mission statement is a true declaration of SCOOP’s intent and goals and SCOOP volunteers should work with it in mind.
  • Where appropriate volunteers should take it upon themselves to familiarise themselves with the host culture(s), socio economic background etc., prior to entering the field.
  • Be aware that if you are working with minors you  must attend to their safety and well-being. The Child Protection Policy attends to all matters concerning the welfare of children and must be followed at all times.
  • If and when you are taking photographs or writing about people make sure that you have obtained adequate informed consent from them to do so.

○ If they are minors then their parents or guardians must be aware of this prior to using the names or images.

  • You must be culturally sensitive at all times, taking account of traditions, customs and so on to insure that you respect the local people and their way of life.
  • Do not tolerate unacceptable behaviour from other volunteers. If possible confront them in a friendly but assertive manner and attempt to explain to them how their actions are not acceptable and present them with the alternative. Notify your supervisor in any case.
  • If unsure what type of behaviour is acceptable/unacceptable consult your colleagues and SCOOP Support Team.


Policy created on 20/11/2018 by Samuel Finnerty

Approved by:

Compliance Officer – Maria Drzazga

Volunteer Manager – Calvin Sweeney

SCOOP CEO – Andrew Sweeney