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The SCOOP Centre

As part of our StreetSmart campaign, we wish to create an innovative social enterprise in Dublin city, aimed at tackling the homelessness crisis by offering training and employment opportunities to young homeless people or those most at risk of becoming homeless.


The SCOOP Centre will function as a training facility and a not for profit deli / café / bakery / pop up restaurant / delivery service, raising funds to train more people and to find them employment in the Hospitality Industry, all the while supporting small to medium sized grassroots organisations and projects tackling the homelessness crisis.

The space will also be used as an events venue to allow SCOOP raise funds, build awareness around our projects, show screenings, run discourse events etc and to get more people involved in our work, allowing us to grow to become the hardest working and most inclusive NGO in Ireland.

The SCOOP Centre will strive to work alongside all the charities tackling homelessness, rather than act as a competitor. If we really want to make a dent in the homelessness crisis, more collaboration is needed, and we feel The SCOOP Centre will be the ideal space for charities and the public alike to get easily involved with.

The SCOOP Centre will open in 2020….

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