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SCOOP iT Programme

We want to bring laptops, virtual classrooms and online one to one mentoring to young people living in displacement camps in the Middle East.

We at SCOOP are increasingly aware of the lack of IT skills being offered to young people housed and schooled in displacement camps. IT is a basic need and skill required in today’s world. SCOOP has observed first-hand the imminent need to provide these life skills to the schools we support.

So, we got busy and are developing SCOOP iT. We will source and supply the hardware for all the SCOOP iT programmes. We will then establish an educational tutorial learning programme with access to real time virtual classes and one to one tutors. We will pilot SCOOP iT in our cabin / school at the Bajed Kandala Displacement camp in Kurdish Iraq with the hope of bringing it to the 70 camps in the region, and beyond.



We have been working in the Bajed Kandala camp for Internally Displaced Persons for two years now. SCOOP is actively funding and supporting a clinic and a small school within the camp. Recently we started a small Art Programme (The Creative Club) for the children and teenagers there, most of whom had never held a paint brush in their lives. Prominent Irish Artist Shane Sutton was our first volunteer resident artist, the children responded so positively to the experience! Therefore we want to do the same with SCOOP iT.


There will be 4 focused modules:

  1. Educational: complementing the student’s current educational curriculum with basic computer skills.
  1. Complimentary: developing further IT skills, such as Gmetrix, Photoshop, self-teaching tutorials, study time etc
  2. Advanced: STEM subjects and mentoring (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), coding, game / music creation, prepping for university
  3. Creative: gaming, photography, music lessons


We also want to use the programme to bring music and art to those living in camps, some of who have done so most of their young adult life.

We want to eradicate borders and give these young people the chance to develop passions and new skills, to put themselves back in their own driving seat and create a new future for themselves.


What can I do?


Do you have a CSR Programme?

Can your company donate laptops or any other form of hardware or software?

Can your employees donate time and skills to the online Mentorship Programme?

Can you clean and certify hard drives / wiped laptops?



Are you interested in joining the SCOOP iT Mentorship Programme and help impart your skills to teenagers living in Displacement Camps?

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