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With your support we wish to fund doctors, paramedics, nurses and surgeons working in war-torn and famine struck Yemen.

Yemenade by SCOOP was started in 2017 in response to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. SCOOP have partnered up with Global Response Management, a small yet very effective American NGO who carry the same ethos as us, supporting and pairing with local grassroots organizations on the ground.

Working in Al Hudayah, GRM are taking a multifaceted approach in the region tackling severe and acute malnutrition cases, establishing a fixed outpatient clinic, engaging in training local doctors and nurses in tactical care and advanced trauma and establishing a community education centre focusing on cholera and malaria awareness.

In the city there are 20,000 people with no access to aid with a further 80,000 in the surrounding area suffering the same dilemma.

Through a series of fundraisers in Ireland and Europe, Yemenade will provide a platform to get assistance to those that need it the most in possibly the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century.

Their website is: www.global-response.org

Lastly a very special thanks to Richard Seabrooke for designing up the logo.

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