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Syrias Vibes

Syrias Vibes uses the positive power of dance music & the arts to support humanitarian projects in the Middle East.

We set up our Syrias Vibes campaign after our co-founder Calvin James Sweeney traveled to war torn Syria in 2016 to volunteer as a medic and ambulance driver. He had visited the region many years ago before the war started, and simply wanted to return to help those caught up in the middle of the conflict.

Upon returning home to Dublin, he got some DJ friends involved and started doing club nights to raise funds to support doctors, ambulances, clinics and medicines.

In 2018 we decided to support humanitarian projects in the Bajed Kandala Camp for IDPs in Iraq (on the Syria / Turkey border), namely our Psychological Support Programme and most recently our Art Workshops.

If you would like to donate to the Syrias Vibes campaign or get involved in any way, please do reach out today.

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