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SCOOP Interns

Being a small organisation with big ideas and goals, we rely heavily on volunteers and long term interns. But because we are small, we can offer interns the chance to manage their own campaign, or run their own event, and to work closely with the executive team / founders, and be a part of a growing NGO breaking the mould.

We run 3 different type of internships:

  • Event Internships – help run one large event (such as an auction or Christmas dinner) or a number of smaller ones (like quizzes and club nights)
  • Campaign Internships – be an integral part of one of our existing or new campaigns, such as Syrias Vibes, Yemenade, The SCOOP Crew etc
  • Social media / marketing internships – help us engage our existing supporters and to find new ones; to help us promote events and fundraisers

Besides being part of a life changing event or campaign, you will gain much needed experience working in a small but ambitious organisation, perfect for anyone’s CV. You can also work remotely, as most of us to, so the internship can easily fit in around your current college or work set up.

If interested send a CV and cover letter to info@scoopfoundation.org